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The future of early childhood education possibilities

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As research shows that investing (educating) in infants is the most important thing for the country, the work of a childcare worker who is closely related to children is a very important job.

However, the current situation is that there is a shortage of childcare workers and many childcare workers quit every year. What are the childcare workers suffering from?

You are told that :
You are not sure what you are doing.
It's a job that anyone can do.
It's just a playful job.

There are current conditions and issues in the field of early childhood education. Among them, there are childcare workers who do their best for children and parents.

By telling these things, I'd like to tell how important a childcare worker is.



    Sayaka Sakai


    Hitoshizuku CHO (Chief Happiness Officer)

    I had dreamed of becoming a kindergarten teacher since I was a child.
    However, I had a hard time getting along with the senior teachers who ran the classes with her.
    However, I had trouble getting along with the senior teachers who ran the classes with me and was pushed to the limit both mentally and physically as a new teacher.

    At the kindergarten where I joined, I found myself in a situation where there were a lot of unnecessary meetings, overtime work was the norm, and the school had its own biased way of thinking.
    At the school where I joined, I witnessed the wasteful meetings, overtime work, and biased thinking of the school.
    Struggled to improve the situation but failed without a fight.

    In order to make a fresh start and broaden my horizons and knowledge of early childhood education
    After retiring, she worked as a babysitter and family member.


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