Track 8 (Recorded)

09.18(Sat) 15:30-16:20

About town development in which everyone participates. "Let's expand the connection of FIWARE"

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Speaking of smart cities, you have probably heard the term "FIWARE" before. However, not many people can properly explain what "FIWARE" is. Such a platform is effective in realizing efficient data collaboration across regions, industries, and various fields, but is it really advancing urban development from the citizens' and services' perspective?
In this session, the three Japanese member companies of the FIWARE Foundation (to be announced) will gather to share their activities, case studies, and challenges to date, and discuss how the next step should be taken in order to expand the FIWARE circle and realize community development in which everyone participates.


    Sakamoto Ryota


      Sumiyoshi Miki


        Terasawa Kazuyuki


          Hattori Misato


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