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09.18(Sat) 15:30-16:20

Civic Tech 10 years history

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In this session, we will look back at 10 years of Civic Tech history. At this year's Code for America Summit, Ms. Jennifer Pahlka, who is former executive director of Code for America, gave a speech about the beginning of Civic Tech. Code for Japan will also present the history of Civic Tech ten years after its birth, based on articles written by Shirakawa of Niigata University.
On the day of the summit, we are planning to set up live viewing of the summit at venues in Niigata Prefecture and broadcast it.

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Graphic artists : 徳永・あるが(とくなが・あるが)



NIigata University, Code for NIIGATA, Code for Japan

Associate Professor, Engineering ManagementProgram, Facaluty of Engineering, Niigata University
Dr. Nobuyuki Shirakawa researches into innovation management and data driven science.
Prior to his current position, as a Senior Research Fellow at the National Institute of Science and Technology Policy, he promoted international research cooperation in technology foresight across all scientific disciplines and geographic regions. His work has established and expanded international relationships for the Science and Technology Foresight Center. He also engaged in empirical analysis and research on science, technology, and innovation policy for the Research Unit for Science and Technology Analysis and Indicators.
His research interests include foresight and technology planning, research evaluation, the public policy of innovation, academic entrepreneurship/venturing.
Dr. Shirakawa also served at the New Energy and Technology Development Organization (NEDO), and Hiroshima Prefectural Governmen

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