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09.18(Sat) 15:30-16:20

Our smart city started by citizens

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In recent years, we often hear about "smart city" activities. Local governments, governments, major companies, etc. are participating in activities to solve regional issues using technology all over the country.
In the context of the need for "citizen-centered urban development," I believe it is desirable for citizens themselves to be the starting point.In this session, I will introduce the cases that are being promoted by "citizen origin" and "citizen's strong collaborative participation". I will talk about delicious topics that will inspire people who are facing challenges across the country.



    Ito Yuri


    "Researcher who aims to create a "healthy city just by living in it.
    Runs "Chemran," a website that supports smoke-free restaurants and bars.
    Also involved in an activity called "J-CIP," which creates and disseminates cancer information with patient groups.
    Working with local governments to measure the effectiveness of residents' voluntary exercise groups and to visualize geographic data on health.


      Yahata Mamoru

      Code for Yokosuka/シビックテック学習生

      I have been working for an IT company for 20 years since I graduated.
      "When I got married, he became a father and moved to Yokosuka, where he met Code for Yokosuka.
      "Then he got married, became a father, moved to Yokosuka, and found Code for Yokosuka. Now struggling to learn about Civic Tech.


        Sato Takuya

        YuMake合同会社 代表社員/Code for Ikoma代表/Code for Japan フェロー

        I have been fascinated with weather since my childhood and studied it in graduate school.
        After working as a SE and for a private weather information company, I became independent and established YuMake LLC.
        I have been working on creating new values through the mash-up of meteorological data and data from other fields.
        In addition to my hometown of Ikoma, supporting citizen-led smart city initiatives in several regions.


          Tsuchiya Toshihiro

          Owner-Chef of SUSHI Restaurant

          Co-creation of business in the smart city field. Calling SUSHI-YA, an acronym for Smart City in Japanese.


            Oomori Junko


            My name is Junko Omori, and I am the proprietress of a sushi restaurant.
            I traveled around Japan as a tourist gourmet traveler and came across the owner's "sushi" and now I am running the restaurant as the proprietress.
            I will be working with the proprietor to bring the freshest sushi to the people at the counter!

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