Track 9(Workshop)

09.19(週日) 14:30-15:20

公民科技和性別 ~ 閱讀「我們必須擁有話語權」


過去這一年,不論世界與日本都出現和多樣性與性別相關的議題。當議題發生時,該如何以公民科技來發起行動呢?該表明怎樣的立場呢?這次讓我們來重新閱讀韓國作家 Lee Min-Gyeong 所寫的《我們必須擁有話語權:女性主義者不會沉默》。



Mami Enomoto

Code for CAT

Member of Code for CAT / Fellow of Code for Japan. Promotes open data and data utilization related to civil engineering infrastructure, including the Infrastructure Data Challenge. Organized a free workshop for beginners called "Django Girls" in Japan in order to increase opportunities for women to encounter programming.


    Kazuki Imamura

    Code for CAT / Code for Japan

    Web developer at InfoLounge, Inc / Runs the IT community "Django Girls Tokyo" / Known as the "GitHub okami"

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