Track 7 (Recorded)

09.19(Sun) 14:30-15:20

Road to the Japan League of Civic Power Battle

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In recent years, it has been said that citizens' love for their city (civic pride) is important for the continuous development of the city. "Civic Power Battle" is an event that aims to unearth and disseminate the charm of a city that has been buried until now, mainly through the use of open data.
Civic Power Battle is an event where citizens, organizations, companies, and the government cooperate with each other to create a new system for communicating the charms of the city.
Last year's Code for Japan SUMMIT 2020 was the first time the event was held on a national scale, and we will look back at the start of the event in 2017 and talk about the future prospects for the spread of Civic Pride.


Tsuchiya Toshihiro

Civic Power Alliance Committee

シビックパワーアライアンス実行委員会 委員

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