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09.18(Sat) 15:30-16:20

NPTech(Non Profit Technology) : Talk about new futures and prospects created with engineers and NPOs

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Code for Japan NP Tech aims to solve social issues through cooperation between NPOs and engineers.This session will focus on how engineers are working with NPOs. The panelists, who are active in the field of social issues, will discuss future prospects.
Ten years after the Great East Japan Earthquake, one of the changes in society is co-creation and collaboration by cross-border human resources.We are recruiting a wide range of IT personnel and positioning them as Social Technology Officers, and we are coordinating the collaboration between Social Technology Officers and NPOs.
In addition, from 2021, as a new approach to co-creation that uses IT to change the future, we have developed a learning and accompaniment program called "NPTech Studio" with Kazuhiro Ohara, author of "Process Economy.
IT that arises from the field of social issues is full of ingenuity to improve social issues.



Kazuhiro Obara

Futurist, Fujiwara Investment Advisors
Born in 1970.
Graduated from Kyoto University, Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Applied Systems, Artificial Intelligence.
I started my career at McKinsey & Company and has been engaged in business planning, investment, and new business at NTT DoCoMo (i-mode business launch support), Recruit, K Laboratory (now KLab, Director), Corporate Direction, Cyberbird, Electronic Money Voucher Development, Recruit (2nd time), Opt, Google, and Rakuten (Executive Officer).

Served as a member of the Foreign Trade Policy Committee of the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, and as an advisor to the Artificial Intelligence Center of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology.
He is a catalyst who weaves together people and businesses based in Singapore and Bali.

He is also an expert on West Coast culture, having worked as a volunteer for the TED Conference auditions in Japan and Burning Japan.


Jun Onishi

After working for a major financial institution (mainly in the IT department), became a freelancer in 2020.
Worked on a wide range of projects, from developing IT strategies for major corporations to promoting digitalization at non-profit organizations.
Since 2011, he has provided pro bono support to more than 10 non-profit organizations.
Currently serves on the boards of three organizations and as the STO (Social Technology Officer) of "Moyai", a certified NPO.
Also a member of the Code for Japan NPTech team.
Co-author of "FinTech Engineer Training Reader".
Born in Kyoto, lives in Tokyo.


    Kanako Sakimura

    Charge of promoting employee volunteer and pro bono activities in the Sustainability Department of Rakuten Group, Inc. Through the Rakuten Social Accelerator, a collaborative program with the social sector, she aims to create social impact with various stakeholders.
    She is a fellow of JWLI (Japanese Women's Leadership Initiative).


    Taiyo Mase

    High School Student & Engineer
    Tokyo, Japan Interested in the new coronavirus infection countermeasure website, applied and joined STO from early 2020.
    Recently, I've been touching IT infrastructure devices at home
    Twitter: @bb_mase
    Lives in Aichi, Japan


      Shihori Komatsu

      Project Manager, HackCamp Inc.
      Asana Certified Pro
      As a freelance web director for 10 years, I worked on websites of all sizes and have worked with freelancers and companies all over the country as part of diverse teams to execute projects.
      Since joining HackCamp,
      I have been leading co-creation projects with companies and government agencies as a project manager and facilitator.
      Also a mother of four girls and enjoys a mixed life of community activities, family (child-rearing), and work.
      She is interested in improving the co-creation capabilities of local communities.

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