Track 8 (Recorded)

09.19(Sun) 16:30-17:20

Let's fill Japan with Civictech.TV!

YouTube Live


With a focus on Civic Tech and the concept of making IT and DX easy to understand, C-tele 2255 is broadcast on Facebook Live every night from around 10:55pm.This program, which started out as a limited broadcast during a declared state of emergency, has accumulated a lot of knowledge through more than 100 live broadcasts. So, we think share this experience and know-how with those who want to communicate in the future. This framework is open to the public, and like a radio station, you plan and bring in your own programs to the open slots, and we support the broadcasting. Under the restrictions of COVID 19, talking to people online has been highlighted, but what is more important is the content and technic of talking. The shortcut is to become a sender, practice, and get good feedback.I will continue to provide programs, but I also want you to send out your own messages. Now for the special edition of the Summit! Tonight's C-television starts at 1630, not 2255! Don't miss it!




AKA 恭子ママ


    SAKAI Kazuki


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