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How about working while living with nature in Tohoku?

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Would you like to live and work in the rich nature of Tohoku? It is not people who heal people, but nature. In order to live in balance, this program proposes living and working in the nature of Tohoku as one of the two or three bases of life.
We do not use the word "work vacation" because our life is not a vacation. On the day of the program, we will welcome guests from areas where people are living in abundance with nature, and introduce the charm of each area.
In this session, we would also like to hear from engineers about what they need when living in multiple locations and what criteria they use when choosing a region. It would be great if as many engineers as possible could get a chance to know the appeal of the region and build new relationships with the Tohoku from here.
<Guest: Ms. Yuko Sasaki (Nishi-Aizu Town, Fukushima Prefecture), Mr. Tadashi Segawa (Nishi-Waga Town, Iwate Prefecture) ,
Moderator: Tomonori Honda (Marumori Town, Miyagi Prefecture)



    SASAKI Yuko

    Guest House Hitotoki, Owner / Multi-generational workplace Itonami, Director

    Born in Fukushima Prefecture in 1987.
    In 2018, opened "Guest House Hitotoki" in Nishiaizu Town, Fukushima Prefecture, which has a population of 6,000. The attached cafe bar is used as a challenge shop to support local residents and immigrants who want to try something small.
    In 2021, opened "Itonami", a multi-generational workplace consisting of a private library and a shared office utilizing the "one-box bookshelf owner system". By creating a wide variety of local jobs, she aims to realize a society in which each person can live with confidence.


    SEGAWA Shikari

    NEBIRAKI Representative

    Born in Nishiwaga Town, Iwate Prefecture in 1991.
    Started a business in 2019 as a nature guide. With the vision of "creating a hometown where people can regain their sensitivity and physicality," she refurbished her home garage and opened the Nebiraki Cafe in 2020. As a hub person who connects the inside and the outside of the local area, she promotes the charm of the area and seeks the richness of life here.


    HONDA Tomonori

    MARUMORI-SAUNA Inc. Representative Director

    Engaged in supporting entrepreneurs in Tohoku since 2012.we need to encourage people not to "take on challenges" but to "do things together because it's fun. So he founded MARUMORI-SAUNA Corporation of his own business In November 2017, and is working on nature industrialization to value the nature of Tohoku.

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