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Code for’s Co-op!

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In 2020, the world is engulfed in the fury of infectious diseases! The sea withered, the earth was torn, and it looked as if all the worthwhile things had died. But the Civic Tech hadn't died! This is the epic story of the ”Code for Co-op”, which stands up and spins to create a new reward for the Civic Techers.



    ISHII Tetsuji

    CODE for GIFU

    Member of CODE for GIFU.
    Born on November 22, 1974.
    Works at an information systems company for a major transportation company.
    IT engineer who is thinking about using artificial intelligence and robots in logistics.
    Joined Civic Tech in 2013 when he learned about open data.
    My hobby is knitting.


      NISHITANI Tomoaki

      Code for Co-op

      President of Code for Kobe, a.k.a. Code for Kobe

      Former Coop employee.
      Feeling bewildered while promoting civic tech, he decided to establish Code for Enterprise Association in January 2019.
      After a long and arduous road of establishment, the inaugural meeting was held in June 2020, and the incorporation was registered in October of the same year.
      We are planning to use the union-type organization to create a new sense of fulfillment for Code for xx, and to foster smart citizenship.
      Basically, they are just for fun.


        FUJIMOTO Tomohiro

        Code for Ikeda

        Director, Code for IKEDA, in charge of system design

        After graduating from an information science university and working as an engineer at a heavy industry manufacturer, I am now involved in medical care and regional development at a local government.
        Through her studies at the business school, I had realized the importance of system design that gives a bird's-eye view of the entire system, rather than just IT systems, in solving social issues.
        Together with colleagues from the business school, she established CFI in 2018 as an organization that brings together various experts and positions in the local community to design and implement local solutions to local issues.

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