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09.19(Sun) 15:30-16:20

Beyond Reconstruction Assistance - The Future of the Tohoku Terroir Marathon, which is imaged by "Local Resources" and "Technology"

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The "Tohoku Food Marathon and Festival" was launched in the spring of 2014 as an activity to support the recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake. This model of enjoying the "climate" and "food" of Tohoku and expanding the number of Tohoku fans at once has won the Good Design Award, and by 2019 it will have grown into a major sporting event for Tohoku, attracting 7,000 runners from all over Japan and the world.
Since 2017, we have been holding a really running hackathon "Run Hack" with the keyword "Hack the Tohoku Food Marathon!" In 2021, this event was held completely online for the COVID-19 pandemic. We are looking for a new model that will make the best use of technology based on the real competition.
In this session, I will introduce the history of this event and the unique model that won the Good Design Award, and also talk about new developments utilizing technology.

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Graphic artists : yoko yamaguchi, akie mishima



Takashi TAKE Takekawa

Tohoku Food Marathon and Festival association

In 2014, he launched the "Tohoku Food Marathon and Festival", which won many awards including the Good Design Award and the Sports Promotion Award. Established "INTILAQ Tohoku Innovation Center", a facility to support entrepreneurs in Sendai City, with the support of the Qatar Friend Fund, and established zero to one, Inc. in 2016, President and CEO
Tohoku University Specially Appointed Associate Professor (Visitor), Director of AI Business Promotion Consortium, MBA from Harvard University.


    Haruyuki Seki


    住民や行政、企業が共創しながらより良い社会を作るための技術「シビックテック」を日本で推進している他、オープンソースGISを使ったシステム開発企業、合同会社 Georepublic Japan CEO及び、企業のオープンイノベーションを支援する株式会社HackCampの代表取締役社長も勤める。
    また、内閣官房の政府CIO補佐官や神戸市のチーフ・イノベーション・オフィサー、東京都のチーフデジタルサービスフェローなど、行政のオープンガバナンス化やデータ活用、デジタル活用を支援している。総務省 地域情報化アドバイザー、内閣官房 オープンデータ伝道師等、その他の役職も多数。


      Naobumi Tanaka

      Last One Mile, Inc.

      Naobumi founded the Last One Mile in 2011 after working for both traditional Japanese company and the tech-startups / giants including Yahoo Japan and Rakuten. Currently, he operates fully renovated sharing spaces in two locations in Tokyo, Hakuba, and Ishigaki Island, having received the Best Hospitality Award from the user ranking of the Space Market, Inc. He also has been deeply involved in several athlete projects and sports events including Hakuba International Trail Run, Freeride World Tour Hakuba, and Tohoku Food Marathon & Festival, where he gather, train, and supervise the volunteering members. As a gig partner of Yahoo Volunteers, he also plans and manages a new volunteer community in collaboration with Yahoo.

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