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09.18(Sat) 14:30-15:20

About children's programming thinking from composition

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We will consider programming education in early childhood and childhood from the perspective of "composition".
There are many programming elements in composition, such as thinking about the number of notes in one bar, thinking about chord progressions according to the law, and thinking about the melody that matches it.
I will think about such activities, including what I actually practice in my kindergarten.


    Ryota Sakai

    Ongaku Fakutori

    Active kindergarten teacher. He graduated from Kunitachi College of Music.
    He handles vocal music, opera, chorus, piano, guitar, songwriting, arrangement, etc., and in kindergarten he develops musical activities that make use of those abilities.
    Since his student days, he has gained a lot of experience as a performer on the front stage, and he has been active in the choir he belonged to, such as participating in multiple international competitions in Europe, but playing from excessive pressure. Is gradually becoming less enjoyable.
    From my own experience, I think that "music is something to enjoy!" Is the most important thing, and music activities that can be enjoyed "anytime, anywhere, anyone" without being bound by age or music experience. Start research.
    Recently, he has been studying and practicing "composing activities that can be done even in early childhood".
    In August 2021, the "Ongaku Fakuto" business was started, providing services for each family, nursery teachers and teache

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