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09.18(Sat) 14:30-15:20

ESG/Impact Investing and Technology

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Code for Japan has been providing Social HackDay/CCC U-22/STO Creation Project as an incubation function for Civic tech. However, there are many cases in Japan where prototypes and projects born in various communities are not implemented in society or supported as a sustainable business model, making it difficult to continue their activities. CAP was created to solve these problems.
As the SDGs have become a hot topic in recent years, ESG investment and impact investment are also expanding in Japan, the relationship with Civictech is also expanding. We would like to invite each player to talk about the purpose of CAP and what they see in the future.



    YAMAZAKI Kiyoaki

    Code for Japan

    Born in Oketo, Tokoro-gun, Hokkaido, Japan, he entered Hokkaido Institute of Technology (now Hokkaido University of Science) in 1995 but dropped out after being fascinated by the Internet just before it became popular.
    Joined Yellow Pages, Inc. as a web engineer. When Docomo launched i-mode, he was one of the first official content providers in Japan and was in charge of content provision and development.
    Since then, he has worked in the mobile content industry as an engineer and planner for about 15 years in Tokyo at KLab Inc. and Colopl Inc.
    In 2012, he returned to Japan and worked as a freelance engineer on various projects.
    In 2018, he participated in the launch of Open Network Lab HOKKAIDO to support Hokkaido's startup scene.
    Since 2021, he has been in charge of the Civic tech Accelerator Program / NPTech area.


    Haruna Tanaka

    Gojo & Company, Inc. Corporate Planning

    She belongs to the Corporate Planning Division of Gojo & Company, Inc., which aims to deliver financial services to all people.
    She is in charge of social performance management, corporate governance, and stakeholder impact management.
    In her previous position at Rakuten, Inc., she was in charge of company-wide strategic planning and business development in the President's Office. Also, she planned and executed an accelerator program for social entrepreneurs by Rakuten employees.
    She is also a Social Venture Partners Tokyo partner, an intermediary support organization NPO that supports social entrepreneurs.


    Tomoya Sasaki

    Representative Director, D2 Garage Inc.

    Born in Hakodate, Hokkaido. Joined Doshin Service Center and engaged in an advertising agency, area marketing, and internet business development.
    He joined Digital Garage, Inc. in 2005.
    In 2007, he became an executive officer of Digital Garage, Inc. and was engaged in the company's strategic business. He has localized overseas portfolio companies' services in Japan, worked on joint ventures with partner companies, and led the company's expansion into Japan through a capital and business alliance with Twitter.
    He has participated in the seed accelerator program Open Network Lab since its inception. He is currently involved in all programs as an evangelist.
    In 2018, he established D2Garage, Inc., a joint venture with Hokkaido Newspaper, to build a startup ecosystem in Hokkaido.
    In 2021, he established DG Incubation, Inc., a Sapporo innovation fund GP, in January and became a director.

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