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09.19(Sun) 14:30-15:20

An Ecosystem for Solving Social Issues Expanding in Tohoku with Civic Tech

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In the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake, the people of Tohoku have come to view the social issues around them as their own issues.There are many people in Tohoku who have taken action to solve these issues.
Mr. Shirakawa of Sendai City and Mr. Honda of INTILAQ, an entrepreneur support facility, will be invited as speakers to talk about various efforts by local governments to support people facing social issues, social entrepreneur support programs spreading throughout Tohoku, and the ecosystem for solving social issues.
Code for SENDAI believes that we can help solve social issues by providing opportunities for social entrepreneurs and technologists to connect and think together. We will also introduce the plans we will start.




    Chief Startup Support Officer / Public Connector, Industry Promotion Section, Economic Affairs Bureau, City of Sendai

    Since 2013, he has been in charge of the planning and management of entrepreneurship support measures at the Sendai City municipal office.
    He has established the Sendai Entrepreneurship Support Center, the largest local entrepreneurship event "Sendai for Startups!", and "Tohoku Growth Accelerator", Japan's First Wide-Area Acceleration Program Targeting the Entire Tohoku Region.
    He is working to co-create a large ecosystem that will create entrepreneurs across the Tohoku region, beyond prefectures and cities.
    Born in Odate City, Akita Prefecture. Graduated from Tohoku University.


      HONDA Tomonori

      Program Director, IMPACT Foundation Japan

      Engaged in supporting entrepreneurs in Tohoku since 2012.
      In April 2017, joined the INTILAQ project to create a sustainable way to solve social issues.
      In order to increase the number of people taking on challenges, we need to encourage people not to "take on challenges" but to "do things together because it's fun. So he founded MARUMORI-SAUNA Corporation of his own business In November 2017, and is working on nature industrialization to value the nature of Tohoku.
      Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Waseda University.


      Rima Sato

      Code for SENDAI

      Started a company dealing with system development and information design in Tokyo.
      Motivated by attending the Sendai City Entrepreneurship Support Program (SIA), moved his headquarters to Sendai in 2019. and launched Code for Sendai. She is working to solve issues close to his heart in Sendai.
      Born in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture.

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