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09.18(Sat) 13:00-13:30


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"Code for Japan Summit 2021 Online with Tohoku" will start!

This year is 2021, and 10 years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake. The Great East Japan Earthquake 10 years ago is one of the origins of Civic Tech in Japan.

Currently, people involved in Japanese Civic Tech are still active under the impact of the new coronavirus.

It is an opening ceremony that introduces respect for them and the highlights of the first day!



    Katsushiro Koizumi

    Code for Shiogama

    Representative of Near Programming Network.
    Representative of Code for Shiogama.
    Has organized more community events than any other person in Tohoku.
    Also been involved in a number of community reconstruction activities in the wake of the earthquake and tsunami, and has recently created "Giba-chan, the Fairy of the Beach," which is gaining popularity.
    The instigator of the oldest app developer in history, which became a big topic at WWDC2017.
    He has a wide range of specialties, including IT education as a lecturer at universities and companies, application production, multi-industry collaboration through IT, gourmet food, music, and movies.

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