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09.19(Sun) 14:30-15:20

Challenge to Civic Tech, starting with Student-Tech at a temple

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"PCN Takefu" is a programming school set in a temple in Echizen City, Fukui Prefecture, and focuses on Student Tech.
I believe that children who grow up with the sense that "what I create will contribute to someone else" will solve local problems in the future with Code for FUKUI, a civic tech soil.
Here are some of our past activities. A temple as a "place". Programming class (PCN Takefu) as "learning". Code for FUKUI as a place of "execution".
Temples are more common than convenience stores in Japan. Originally, temples functioned as places for people to gather and learn. Today, there are many temples that have become a thing of the past. Echizen City in Fukui Prefecture is an area with many temples. I have been conducting programming classes at temples for the past three years. and now we are working at four temples of different denominations. I hope that the children who will carry the future generation will be able to make good use of historical assets.



Shuma Morita

PCN Takefu, Code for FUKUI

Born in 1981. Born in Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture and currently resides in Echizen City. Father of two sons and a daughter.
After graduating from university, he worked for an IT company in Toyama, and after three years, changed jobs and returned to Fukui.
In the summer of 2018, he established "PCN Takefu" through a relationship with Mr. Matsuda, the representative of Natural Style.
Currently holds classes twice a month at a temple, and enjoys programming with children. He has been working as a freelancer since the spring of 2021, and has been involved in the launch of “Everyday Physics", a service to make physics a strong subject, elections, and Code for FUKUI.

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