Track 9(Workshop)

09.19(Sun) 14:30-15:20

CivicTech and Gender - Reading "Reclaim the Language How to deal with a sexist".


In the past year, issues related to diversity and gender have arisen in the world and in Japan. When such issues arise, what kind of action should we take as civic techies, or what kind of position should we express? We are now once again reading "Reclaim the Language How to deal with a sexist" by Lee Min-Gyeong.



Mami Enomoto

Code for CAT

Member of Code for CAT / Fellow of Code for Japan. Promotes open data and data utilization related to civil engineering infrastructure, including the Infrastructure Data Challenge. Organized a free workshop for beginners called "Django Girls" in Japan in order to increase opportunities for women to encounter programming.


    Kazuki Imamura

    Code for CAT / Code for Japan

    Web developer at InfoLounge, Inc / Runs the IT community "Django Girls Tokyo" / Known as the "GitHub okami"

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