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09.18(Sat) 13:30-14:20

Reconsidering Society and Science in the Wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake: From Digital Transformation of Identification to Super Cities

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Exactly ten years ago, the Great East Japan Earthquake became an unforgettable memory for all of us.
As a specialist in personal identification using biometric data, I personally assisted in the identification of the deceased at the scene of the disaster.
I would like to talk about what I learned as I became acutely aware of the gap between academia's research and real-life problem-solving. Since the great earthquake, I have been in touch with the management of universities, and I continue to search for a way for universities to boost reconstruction and become an engine for urban development.

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Takafumi Aoki

Tohoku University

Takafumi Aoki 
Executive Vice President, Tohoku University (Professor, Graduate School of Information Sciences)

D. in Electronic Engineering from the Graduate School of Engineering, Tohoku University in 1992. Professor, Graduate School of Information Sciences, Tohoku University.
Engaged in research on computer engineering, image engineering, biometrics authentication, forensic dentistry and personal identification, and cryptography and security.
Executive Vice President, Tohoku University (in charge of planning and strategy, Provost)
Chief Digital Officer (CDO), Tohoku University
IEE (Institute of Electrical Engineers, UK) Ambrose Fleming Award (1994)
Mountbatten Award (1999)
Social Contribution Foundation Social Contribution Award (2013), etc.

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