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09.18(Sat) 15:30-16:20

The challenge of Hoikutas to eliminate label childcare and increase the value of all childcare workers!

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"Hoikutas" is a platform for childcare providers across the country to share their problems in the childcare field. We also share "what went well" and "what didn't go well" for healthier child growth. I speak about Hoikutas, with the following objectives
1. To support childcare providers by thinking about issues in childcare with many people, not just those in the field.
2. To support the healthy growth of children and the happiness of families who use childcare services.
3. To help the audience understand that childcare creates the foundation for a prosperous future for all of us, and to provide opportunities for action.
I would like to work with more people on childcare so that everyone can feel that children grow through experiences every day.




After running a nursery school for about 20 years, I moved to dott Corporation to maximize the value of childcare providers and to realize the healthy growth of all children, And the organizer of "Running and Childcare," a running community where people who think about childcare can spend an energetic weekend.

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