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09.19(Sun) 16:30-17:20

DXで劇的に変化するこれからのアイデンティティ・アクセス管理〜 OktaのCIAMで出来ること 〜

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With the use of digital technology, it has become normal for organizations to operate services for users online, and the recent spread of new coronary infections has accelerated the shift to omnichannel. At the same time, crimes targeting digital security vulnerabilities are becoming more common, and in many cases, they are causing significant damage.
Okta has an established reputation in the field of identity and access management for corporate employees, and has also implemented Customer Identity Access Management (CIAM) for Major League Baseball and JetBlue. Okta's Customer Identity Access Management (CIAM) solution has been used by Major League Baseball, JetBlue, and many others to support their customers with high customer experience (CX) and security.
In this webinar, we will discuss how identity access management is dramatically changing with DX.

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Tomoyuki Koizumi

Okta Japan

Prior to joining Okta Japan in September 2020, he worked in IT infrastructure and cyber security solution sales at HP Japan, Symantec, and Broadcom. He joined Okta Japan in September 2020, and is currently engaged in sales promotion for enterprise customers such as telecommunication companies and distribution companies, and public sector customers such as government offices, municipalities, and public interest groups.

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