Track 5

09.19(Sun) 16:30-17:20

Parliamentarians and Civic Tech. The struggle of sweat, tears, and laughter until the government provides aerial photograph data for the background image of OpenStreetMap!

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Politics and Civic Tech... There is a hurdle between citizens and government when citizens, students, and government think together to solve the problems of the city. If local councilors can act as a lubricant to connect citizens and students with the government, we will be able to create an enjoyable city.
In this session, as a concrete example, I talk about the twists and turns that led to the availability of aerial photos of the government for Open Street Map (OSM), and the process of using the provided data as background images for OSM. As a councilor,
I would like to expand the circle of CodeForGiin so that I can support civic techies more and more.



    Katsuyuki Sakanoshita


    I like open source and open data, live in Wikipedia and OpenStreetMap area, also like MACROSS.


      Yoshito Yagi


      City councilor of Kusatsu City, Shiga Prefecture,
      Last year, at Code For Japan Summit 2020, launched CodeForGiin as a broad-based brigade of council members. I expand the scope of my activities as a councilor by using ICT more as a link between citizens and the government.

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